About Me

Hi, I’m Can.

(It’s pronounced as John as in when you’re talking in English with an American accent; so, if one day we come face to face, it’s quite alright to address me as John. ­čśĆ)

Anyways, I’m a computer engineer from Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Yeditepe University. Currently I’m wrestling with my master’s degree in Informatik(the German way of saying Computer Science) at Universit├Ąt Passau in Passau, Germany.

I mainly play in Apple’s ecosystem via Swift. Plus, on the side, I tinker with Raspberry Pis and do some system administration on a couple of Linux boxes to handle my infrastructure needs.

After years of development, currently I’m in the Unix mindset that I prefer the Terminal interface over GUIs. If we’re discussing about development in general, it’s quite plausible that you’ll hear me brag about Vim, the best editor ever(yeah, there I said it)!

Besides computers, I’m a sports junkie. My main areas of interest are fitness and Judo but I also go out running/biking or do climbing/bouldering from time to time.

I’ve faded away from Twitter due to too much noise going around(trust me, it really clears your head) and keeping the account still online just because I like my username there; so, the best way to reach me is via old-school e-mail.

You can check my code on GitHub, see my discussions on StackOverflow or view my photography at 500px.