Apple has some nice little features for the simulator in Xcode hidden away. And actually it's quite easy and definitely useful to enable them.

This hack I'm going to show isn't something I've discovered. Can't actually remember who tweeted it(sorry about that 😕) but this is something I grabbed from Twitter some time ago.

Open up a Terminal window and type the following command:

sudo mkdir /AppleInternal

And type in your admin password when prompted.

As you see, this will create a folder named AppleInternal in your root directory. It's just going to be an empty folder. We are not going to put anything in it. Also if you've your Xcode open, do relaunch it.

What this enables for Xcode is that now when you launch it, Xcode will be displaying it's build number on top of it's Dock icon. It's a nifty feature when you immediately need to find out if the build number matches with the one on the developer portal; especially at times of post WWDC where betas keep popping out. Saves you the trip of going to the About Xcode menu item or showing the launch screen.

Xcode Dock Icon After AppleInternal

But it's a somewhat boring feature compared to the rest. If you launch the simulator from now on, you'll see a new bar menu item named Internal. If you click it, you'll see that it gives your various options, for instance showing single touches, changing the chrome colour or etc.

Simulator's Internal Menu Enabled

Wait, what, we can put the simulator and Xcode side-by-side in full screen mode. 😱😱😱

Simulator's Internal Menu Full Screen Mode Option

Go ahead and check that option. From now on, you can fulfil your dream of putting Xcode and the simulator side-by-side.

Xcode and the Simulator in Full Screen

Happy coding! 😉

Can Sürmeli

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